Another journey begins

When you learn more about Airstreams, it becomes obvious why they have survived the test of time and become classic symbols of American culture.

Airstreams have been built to last. Numerous vintage Airstreams are over 75 years old, yet are still standing in good shape today. Why? Because their durable monocoque shell and solid chassis can take beating without giving, and the interiors are extremely easy to renovate and replace.

The exterior is designed with resilience and travel in mind. The smooth, aerodynamic aluminum panels are assembled with strong rivets and then put through a series of weather tests to ensure its durability. Most Airstreams can easily endure a Category 2 Hurricane with little damage. In addition, this streamlined shell allows travelers to cut down on gas mileage compared to other kinds of caravans.

Creating the interior of an Airstream is easy as pie. When an Airstream is built, everything from the flooring to the furniture can be hauled in through the caravan door and re-arranged. This makes for a speedy building process and allows for easy future renovations.

Of course, practicality aside, Airstreams have a certain mystique that makes them extremely appealing.

Wally Bynam carved out their space in American folklore in the 1950’s, when he led herds of Airstream owners across the country to view famous tourist spots. The popularity of Airstreams increased even more in 1969, when the astronauts who flew to the moon were quarantined in a slightly modified Airstream. NASA even still makes use of modified Airstream Excellas to this day.

Aside from their warm place in the hearts of all Americans, it is the ultimately Airstreams’ sturdy structure and updateable interior have helped the caravans remain timeless.


Who Else Loves Airstreams?

Who else in the world has great taste and a love for adventure? There are many celebrities and socialites who have discovered the appeal of vintage Airstreams and never looked back! Some of these people include:

  • Director Francis Ford Coppola ordered a custom Airstream named Silverfish to use as a mobile film editing station.
  • Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie spent the majority of their time filming Simple Life in an Airstream trailer when they traveled cross-country between locations.
  • Matthew McConaughey is a kind of Airstream collector, owning three in total. In 2008, his ’58 Ocean Breeze served as his Malibu residence in 2008.
  • Brad Pitt’s Love Sub is a gorgeous 345 Airstream that he used as a retreat during his notorious breakup with Jennifer Anniston.

Of course, there are also many other celebrities out there who have fallen in love with Airstreams, including: Pamela Anderson, Anthony Edwards, Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, John Ratzenberger, JJ Cale, Corbin Bernsen, Rutger Hauer, Sean Penn, David Duchovny, Tim Burton, Brian Johnson, Andy Garcia, Matthew Modine, Denzel Washington, and Johnny Depp.